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Anne Shadle

Anne Shadle

Anne Shadle has served as the Mayan Cafe’s General Manager since helping to launch the restaurant in 2007. A trusted partner to Chef Ucan, Anne’s brother-in-law, she is recognized by customers and food critics alike for her ability to create a consistently pleasing customer experience. Whether it’s crafting a catering menu to match a client’s distinct needs, selecting boutique wines to complement the flavors of Ucan’s dishes, or leading a team of servers and managers who share her enthusiasm for knowledgeable service, Anne works with the customer in mind. Like Chef Bruce, she is professionally and personally committed to running a sustainable business.

October Feature Menu

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Pumpkin Soup

Our specials this month all incorporate pumpkin. This vegetable is very common in Mayan cooking. Pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil add great flavor to many of our dishes. While it is seasonally appropriate to feature specials with pumpkin in the fall, know that we are celebrating the pumpkin all year long at the Mayan […]

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Vegetarian Wine Dinner | October 20, 2014

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Brian Talley, Talley Vineyards

Join us on Monday, October 20 for a very special evening. Brian Talley, of Talley Vineyards, will be presenting his wines and organically-grown produce at the Mayan Cafe!  We are putting together a seriously flavorful three-course menu with Brian’s seasonal vegetables. Just like any farmer, you don’t know exactly what you’ll be harvesting too far […]

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September Features: Corn

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Cochinita Pibil with roasted corn

Our specials this month all incorporate corn. This vegetable is at the very foundation of Mayan cooking and culture. Ancient Mayan myths depict humans being born from the corn plant. It can be cooked so many ways – dried, ground and made in tortillas, roasted, boiled, you name it! It’s only fitting that we dedicate an entire month […]

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August Feature Menu: Watermelon

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Watermelon Salad

Our specials this month all incorporate watermelon. There is really nothing more refreshing than a juicy slice of watermelon in the middle of a hot summer, so we have found several fun ways of incorporating it into our specials this month. Enjoy! FEATURED COCKTAIL Watermelon King   $12 fresh watermelon juice | Copper & Kings colombard brandy | […]

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Mole with Dana McMahan

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Dana McMahan makes mole with Chef Bruce

Dana McMahan, a well-known food writer in Louisville, KY, recently traveled to Mexico. Before this trip, she had long hated peppers, thinking that bell peppers represented all peppers. Her mind was opened and her taste buds were pleased to learn that chilies are amazingly complex and really spice up a dish, literally. Returning from the trip, she […]

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July Features: cucumbers!

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July Features cucumbers!

For the month of July, we have chosen the cucumber as our featured vegetable. Not only are they a refreshing addition to nearly any type of dish – sweet or savory – they are incredibly good for you. They contain Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, […]

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Marty Rosen retires from 11 year tenure as restaurant critic

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Marty Rosen

At the Mayan Cafe, we have been big fans of Marty Rosen for a long time. He has penned many beautiful paragraphs about our food, our beverages, our cheesecake!, and our general vision for dining in Louisville. He reviewed us in February of 2007, just weeks after we had opened in our current location, and […]

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USA Today 10Best Travel Guide

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USA Today 10Best

USA Today recently featured Louisville on their 10Best Travel Guide site. They listed places to stay, things to see & do, where to shop and what to eat. Out of the 10 must-see restaurants they selected the Mayan Cafe as their 3rd choice! They said “even in the trendy entertainment district of Nulu on East […]

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June Feature Menu: Beets!

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Beet Margarita & Beet Burrito

June 2014 | DINNER SPECIALS Our specials this month all incorporate beets in a fun and tasty way. Bruce, our chef, hated beets for the longest time until he realized that when HE cooks them, they are delicious! We hope you feel the same way. FEATURED COCKTAIL Beet Margarita   $11 Casa Noble crystal tequila | Triple […]

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Tok-sel Lima Beans Video

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Tok-sel Lima Beans

Since opening his first restaurant in 1997, Chef Bruce Ucán has had customers begging him for the recipe for his famous tok-sel lima beans. Years ago, it was printed in the Courier-Journal, Louisville’s local paper, and in 2007, it was featured on NPR’s Kitchen Window. The recipe is available on our website as well. Even with this […]

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