Our Mission

Our Values, Expectations & What We Stand For

We spent some time putting our values into words - words to help guide us as we hire new staff, develop our existing team and focus our future decisions. Yes, the Mayan Cafe is about serving good food. Yes, it's about sourcing ingredients from local farmers. But, Mayan Cafe is ALSO and maybe even MORE SO about creating an environment of support, respect and learning.


We have created a space that encourages creativity within a structure of solid training and support. While our focus is not on rigidity, we are looking for creativity in food, beverages and the operational flow. This means there is more than one “correct” way of doing something – whether that is making a dish, shaking a cocktail, garnishing a tray of catered food or planning an event. In regard to the food, creativity is expressed in the plating/garnishing of the dish as well as some of the specific cooking techniques. We want our staff to put their own personal spin on their work with us.


Within that space of creativity, we ask for expertise in skill and speed in all positions/roles in the kitchen, dining room, food truck and catering. This means that everyone needs to be VERY good at what they are doing, be that food preparation, customer service, event planning/execution. We understand that they may not come in the door with complete expertise from the get-go, so we ask that everyone challenge themselves to grow and develop their skills to reach our standards.


We encourage a sense of curiosity about our ingredients, operational processes and our environment as a whole. We ask that everyone stay engaged and curious throughout their tenure with us. This means that they identify problems or opportunities for improvement in food quality or operational processes and then offer solutions in a constructive manner.


We have created a safe and predictable working environment within which every person is treated equally and with respect. We ask that each person working with us actively contributes to this by maintaining that same respect for all of their co-workers.


We are flexible and generous by nature. We think of everyone who works with us as a member of our Mayan team. We know this is unique and requires a certain unspoken commitment from those within that team to protect and maintain our space & culture. This is even more than being a team player; this is caring about the work everyone does and the people with whom they work.

– And our entire team at Mayan