The Restaurant

Welcome to the Mayan Café, an indigenously-inspired farm-to-table restaurant in Louisville, KY. The Mayan culture, one known for rich cooking traditions, still lives on through our chef, Bruce Ucán, a Mayan Indian from Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula. Here, at the Mayan Café, Chef Ucán fuses traditional Mayan flavors, ingredients & cooking techniques with local, sustainably-farmed ingredients. One of Louisville’s food critics, Marty Rosen, said it best : “…it’s true that Ucán’s cuisine draws on his Yucatan heritage. But it’s also true that his cooking is shaped by an original, sensual imagination that transcends his geographical origins.”

The concept of sustainability is at the core of what we do and how we do it. We source our meat exclusively from local farms and use as much sustainably-farmed local produce & cheese as is seasonally available. We believe in what our farmers are doing and also believe that incorporating those products into our dishes makes better food. Farm-to-table dining is how Chef Bruce grew up eating, and it’s at the foundation of his understanding of food.

As you come to the restaurant, know that what you are dining on and where you are dining in are equally innovative. The East Market Gallery District, or “NuLu” as we have fondly termed our neighborhood, is a place where you can not only eat authentic Mayan food, but also shop at boutique jewelry and housewares stores…all in the same block! There is a creative spirit and energy in this area, and our ever-evolving food fits right in.