Appetizer Catering

Local Salad Greens


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  • Guacamole & Chips
  • Ceviche: shrimp or crawfish or tilapia  | Sauce – coconut-basil sauce or blood orange sauce or poblano vinaigrette
  • Empanadas: black beans & mozzarella cheese or chorizo & potatoes |  Sauce – chunky tomato-habanero or mulato chile sauce
  • Taquitos: chicken, spinach & potatoes or  seasonal vegetables & feta cheese. With pumpkin cream sauce
  • Ojaldra: smoked salmon, cream cheese & guava or  fresh berries & mascarpone cheese
  • Fritters: butternut squash & goat cheese or potatoes & chorizo
  • Meats Skewers: chicken or steak
  • Mexican Smoked Chicken Salad: served with assorted crackers
  • Couscous Salad: salmon & pico de gallo

Prices :

$12 / person (choice of 3 appetizers)
$16 / person (choice of 4 appetizers)
$20/person (choice of 5 appetizers)


20% service & delivery charge on all orders
10% service charge if picked up by the client
Delivery for orders of $500 or more (Delivery minimum of $1500 for Sundays only)
All orders must be confirmed with 72 hours of the event.
All auxiliary services coordinated are subject to the 20% service charge (dish & linen rental, beverage service/bartender, space rental, etc.)