About Us

Welcome to the Mayan Café

We are an authentic Mayan restaurant located in Louisville, KY. Our chef, Bruce Ucán, was a pioneer in this neighborhood, NuLu, when he opened his first restaurant here in 1997. This area has grown up around him in these 20+ years, as we are now surrounded by galleries, boutiques and other farm-to-table restaurants. It’s a great area for shopping and snacking during the day as well as date nights and bar-hopping in the evening.

In 2007, Chef Ucán and his sister-in-law and business partner, Anne Shadle, opened the Mayan Cafe together. Over the years, they have grown into a solid business team that creates a complete dining experience. Anne works as the general manager and leads the strategic direction of the business alongside Bruce. We know that a truly memorable dining experience can transport a person out of their own space and into another realm. We work to create that everyday for our customers.



We believe in running a sustainable business at every level, whether that’s where we source our meat and fish from, the type of sodas we offer (or don’t offer!) or how we treat our employees. Our business has been around for over 20 years, and we plan to be around for just as many more. We have learned some lessons over these years and feel lucky to be able to implement our core value of sustainability into how we do business; we sincerely appreciate the community of Louisville and our customers here who support these efforts.
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Our Team

It takes so many good people in front of and behind the scenes to make a restaurant run smoothly; we are truly grateful to have such an incredible team.
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