Sep 22, 2017: Tacos of the Day: flank steak mixed with basmati rice, bell peppers, tom onions topped with fresh greens

Mayan Street Food (truck) is here!

The exclusive food partner for Gravely Brewing Co.
Located at 514 Baxter Ave.
Grand Opening: August 18, 2017
Menu, Hours & Info here


September 2017 SPECIALS: Corn

Borsao Berola Red Blend (garnacha, syrah, cabernet sauvignon)   $11 | 40
Campo de Borja, Spain
Tasting Notes: aged 14 months in oak with notes of dark fruits, balsamic and toasty warmth

Mexican Street Corn   $6
corn on the cob | jalapeño aioli | queso fresco | lime
*This is a dish from our new Mayan Street Food (truck) menu! It is located at Gravely Brewing Co, 514 Baxter Ave, Monday-Saturday, opening at 4pm. Come check us out!

Beef Burrito   $15
shredded beef | basmati rice | black beans | mozzarella | roasted corn salsa | Veracruz chocolate mole

Authentic Mayan • Seasonal • Local

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