Sustainability & Farm-to-Table

We believe in running a sustainable business at every level, whether that’s where we source our meat and fish from, the type of sodas we offer (or don’t offer!) or how we treat our employees. Our business has been around for nearly 20 years, and we plan to be around for just as many more. We have learned some lessons over these years and feel lucky to be able to implement our core value of sustainability into how we do business; we sincerely appreciate the community of Louisville and our customers here who support these efforts.

Here are the folks we source from the following locations.


Meat, veggie & cheese farms

Ashbourne Farm: grass fed beef, produce
Barr Farm: free-range chicken, grass-finished beef & sustainably-grown vegetables
Capriole Farmstead: goat cheese
Centerpoint Farm: produce
Facing West Farm: produce
Field Day Family Farm: produce
Field 51 Produce: produce
Foxhollow Farm: grass-fed beef & produce
Garey Farms: pastured pork, produce
Grateful Greens: hydroponic greens & herbs
Happy Jacks Pumpkin Farm: produce
Heritage Harvest: produce
Holden Farm: produce
Jackson’s Produce: produce

JS Rabbitry: pastured rabbit

Heritage Harvest: produce
Holden Farm: produce
Jackson’s Produce: produce
JS Rabbitry: pastured rabbit
Kenny’s Farmhouse: hard cheeses
Marksbury Farm Market: free-range chicken, grass-fed beef, pastured lamb
Pike Valley Farm: free-range chicken
Red Hot Roasters: organic, small-batch coffee
Rootbound Farm: organic produce
Stone Cross Farm: grass-fed beef, pastured pork
Valley Acres Farm: free-range chicken, pastured rabbit
Waterworks Farm: free-range egg
Wild Carrot Farm: produce
3D Valley Farm: grass-fed beef



Fin Gourmet Foods: wild-caught KY fish
Kris & Kelly Seafood : sustainably-sourced, seasonal fish & seafood


Beer : Upland, Kentucky Ale, Goodwood & West 6th 
Wine : we use sustainable, organic & biodynamic wines like Allamand & Bott Geyl
Spirits : we use boutique, artisanal spirits, like St. George & Art in the Age
Teas : Rishi organic tea
Juices : we make all of our own juices in house with seasonal fruit
*No Coke products are served at all

Recycling & Compostables

Recycling: the city of Louisville picks up 7-8 55 gallon containers of our recycling each week
Creation Gardens Ecosteward line : we use biodegradable & compostable take-containers, paper products & cleaning supplies