Breakfast & Lunch Catering

If you’d like to upgrade your breakfast or lunch, give us a call. Our box lunches are fresh and flavorful and our formal spreads will impress even your most important board member. Our order minimum is just $500. We’ll have everything ready to walk out to your car at whatever time is most convenient for you. We use all biodegradable, compostable packing so know you’re supporting the environment when you order lunch with us.

Interested in a quote? Try our catering calculator.



Weddings and Rehearsal Dinners

SIMPLE BREAKFAST (choice of 1 main dish + 2 sides ) $15
FANCY BREAKFAST (choice of 2 main dishes + 2 side) $24

Main Dishes | $9

  • Breakfast Burrito: chorizo, egg, & cheese | veggie, egg, & cheese
  • Quiche: smoked salmon & potato | root vegetables & goat cheese
  • Assorted Bagels with cream cheese + smoked salmon
  • Breakfast Enchiladas: choice of chorizo or veggies | scrambled eggs | chihuahua cheese | tomatillo-green chile sauce (available on buffet only)

Sides | $3

  • Fresh Fruit: choice of tropical fruit, mixed berries or citrus
  • Ojaldra puff pastry: country ham & cream cheese | fresh fruit & cream cheese | bacon, tomato jam & goat cheese
  • Yogurt & granola cups
  • Roasted Potatoes with herbs & onions


Box Lunches

SIMPLE BOX LUNCH  $15 (choice of 1 main dish, 1 salad & 1 side)
FANCY BOX LUNCH  $17 (choice of 1 main dish, 1 salad, 1 side & 1 dessert)

Limit of three different torta/burrito types per order all served with the same salad & side


  • Roasted Pork
  • Shredded Chicken
  • Braised Beef
  • Seasonal vegetables & Goat Cheese
  • Jackfruit with achiote BBQ sauce
  • Chorizo & Black Beans


  • Tomato-Queso Fresco Salad: greens, tomatoes, queso fresco & olive oil
  • Mayan Salad: greens, jicama, orange, pumpkin seeds, queso fresco & dijon vinaigrette
  • Kale & Quinoa Salad: kale, quinoa, jicama, pepitas, dijon vinaigrette
  • Seasonal Salad: ask for seasonal option


  • Tok-sel Lima Beans
  • Fried Plantains
  • Guacamole & Chips
  • Sikil-Pak: pumpkin seed hummus & Chips


  • Ojaldra : puff pastry with fresh fruit & mascarpone cheese
  • Mexican chocolate cookies
  • Mexican wedding cookies
  • Chocolate-avocado mousse
  • Dried fruit & nut dessert bar



  • Bottled Water | Tea $1/person (Bottled Water, Rishi Organic Iced Tea, Hibiscus-Lime Tea)
  • Coffee Service $3/person (coffee, cream, sugar, stirrers, cups)
  • Fresh Juices $3/person (ask for seasonal varieties)

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  • All orders must be confirmed with 72 hours of the event. 
  • Free delivery within a 5 mile radius. $50 delivery charge on all other deliveries
  • 20% service & delivery charge on all orders
  • All auxiliary services coordinated are subject to the 20% service charge (dish & linen rental, beverage service/bartender, space rental, etc.)