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The Mayan culture, one known for rich cooking traditions, still lives on through our chef, Bruce Ucán, a Mayan Indian from Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula. Here, at the Mayan Café, Chef Ucán fuses traditional Mayan flavors, ingredients & cooking techniques with local, sustainably-farmed ingredients.


March 2017 Features

This month, we are featuring carrots in all of our special dishes. We are just getting the first glimpse of spring, so veggies like carrots and parsnips are very exciting to see! We have been having a lot of fun with rum this winter and decided to keep the party going with this yummy cocktail. It’s clean and bright, a light contrast to both the soup and lamb dishes. Enjoy it on its own or with either special dish and you’ll be transported to warmer, sunnier days. Cheers to the coming spring!

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Monthly Feature Menus

Thanks to the Kentucky seasons, we’re always serving something new at Mayan Cafe! After four successful summers of Mayan Market Mondays, we are at the point with our food sourcing that all of our meat exclusively comes from local, sustainable farms as well as the majority of our produce and cheese. Heck, we even got rid of coke products to further our solidarity with the farm-to-table movement. Our most recent iteration of seasonal menu changes involves a monthly feature menu. Each month, we choose a different theme based on what is in season from our farms and offer several dishes paired with a complementing beverage. This way, there is always something new and exciting going on when you come to the Mayan Cafe!


Our Tok-Sel Lima Beans

Since opening his first restaurant in 1997, Chef Bruce Ucán has had customers begging him for the recipe for his famous tok-sel lima beans. In response to the frustration and angst of our customers, we have put together a video with a detailed explanation of the cooking process.

Mayan Cafe – Tok-sel Lima Beans from Kertis Creative on Vimeo.