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Monthly Feature Menus

August 2013 : Heirloom Bloody Mary + Chilled Corn Soup

Heirloom Bloody Mary + Chilled Corn Soup

We’re always serving something new at Mayan Cafe!

Thanks to four successful summers of Mayan Market Mondays, we are now at a point with our food sourcing, that all of our meat exclusively comes from local, sustainable farms as well as the majority of our produce and cheese. Heck, we even got rid of coke products to further our solidarity with the farm-to-table movement. We want to make sure you all are still engaged in what do here, so we have come up with a new idea! Every month, all year long, we will have a feature menu, in addition to our regular menu. Each month, we will choose a different theme based on what is in season from our farms and will offer several dishes paired with a signature beverage. This way, there is always something new and exciting going on when you come to the Mayan Cafe – no matter what time of year!

Here are some of our recent feature menus:

October 2017: Kale

September 2017: Corn

August 2017: Cucumbers

July 2017: Summer Veggies

June 2017: Beets

May 2017: Asparagus

April 2017: Carrots

March 2017: Butternut Squash

February 2017: Chayote Squash

January 2017: 10th Anniversary Specials

December 2016: Sweet Potatoes

November 2016: Carrots

October 2016: Kale

September 2016: Watermelon

August 2016: Tomatoes

July 2016: Purple Peruvian Potatoes

June 2016: Berries

May 2016: Chicken

April 2016: Kale

March 2016: Trio of Malbecs

February 2016: Butternut Squash

January 2016: Collard Greens

December 2015: Butternut Squash

November 2015: Cauliflower

October 2015: Spaghetti Squash

September 2015: Corn

August 2015: Eggplant

July 2015: Cucumbers

June 2015: Broccoli

May 2015: Asparagus

April 2015: Scallops

March 2015: Eggs

February 2015: Beans

January 2015: New Year’s Resolution Dishes

December 2014: Sweet Potatoes

November 2014: Brussels Sprouts

October 2014: Pumpkin

September 2014: Corn

August 2014: Watermelon

July 2014: Cucumbers

June 2014: Beets

MAY 2014: Spring Veggies

FEBRUARY 2014: French-inspired

JANUARY 2014: Lamb

DECEMBER 2013: Pomegranates

NOVEMBER 2013: Bacon!

OCTOBER 2013: Hearty Fall Dishes with a Mayan Twist

SEPTEMBER 2013: Fall Fruits & Veggies

AUGUST 2013: Summer Veggies

JULY 2013: Squash & Zucchini

JUNE 2013: Berries!

MAY 2013: A Spring Mix of Greens

APRIL 2013: Dessert Decadence 

MARCH 2013: Mayan Tapas

FEBRUARY 2013: The Perfectly Paired Meal

DECEMBER 2012: End of the World Menu