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10.14.17 Sara & Dan’s Wedding

On October 14, we had the pleasure of catering Sara & Dan’s wedding at Sara’s family farm in Prospect. The day couldn’t have more beautiful for this wonderful couple. They put a large tent outside where the reception was held. The ceremony was on the lawn by the house and cocktail hour took place in the horse barn. The bar served mojitos & margaritas, we passed several appetizers and the bride & groom led everyone in a square dance.  Even the horses enjoyed this part! We setup a dinner buffet inside the tent with lots of great dishes for everyone. The bride and groom were very musically-inclined as were their friends, so the groom arranged a special song for the first dance, to which 7 of his friends performed and sang. It was incredibly romantic. We passed wedding cake and everyone danced ’til into the night. It was a lovely celebration for a lovely couple!

The Menu

Fritters: chorizo | butternut squash | goat cheese
Ojaldra: puff pastry | smoked salmon | cream cheese | guava
Guacamole & Chips

Cochinita Pibil: slow-roasted pork | achiote sauce | pickled onions
Chilaquile: tortillas | potatoes | grilled peppers | mushrooms | grilled cactus | tomato casera sauce | queso fresco
Tok-sel Lima Beans: roasted lima beans | sesame oil | pumpkin seeds | green onions | parsley | lime
Roasted Sweet Potatoes