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Celebrate with Mayan Cafe

When you celebrate with Mayan Cafe, you get special treatment! That’s because you are our guest(s). The staff at Mayan Cafe strive to make every table’s experience a great one. So, now we are adding some special celebration packages to our repertoire just for you.

We are offering 3 options for you to choose from when you come to dine with us for your celebration. Mayan Cafe is a place people come to time and time again for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, engagement, promotion, clean bill of health, a date night…you name it. There’s always a reason to gather and have delicious food and beverages with the people we are connected to. Let us help you make it more memorable and give the recipient the evening they deserve. There are 3 separate options to choose from:

Celebration Packages:


Yucatec Tapas  ($20) – eat your way through the Yucatán Peninsula without ever having to leave home! This array of our most popular appetizers will contain one of each: a pork salbute, sikil pak, an empanada and guacamole & chips. This dish costs $20.

Bubbly at the Beginning  ($32-39) – When you arrive to your reservation, a bottle of your choice of either bubbly rosé or sparkling wine will be chilled at the table, ready to enjoy. 

Sweet Surrender  ($25-26) – end your night on a sweet note or have a dessert date with us. This menu pairs your choice of either our Chocolate on Chocolate cake with Tawny Port or Tres Leches with Panama Pacific Dark Rum. Or, if you prefer coffee with dessert, no problem!

Here’s How It Works:

  • Make your reservation via, or call (502)566-0651  (*must be added to reservation at least 48hrs in advance)
  • Choose a Celebration Package 
  • Email our Celebration Coordinator,, with your choice of package, menu details and the name of the person/people you are celebrating. (*must be added to reservation at least 48hrs in advance)

We look forward to having more of you celebrate with Mayan Cafe in the year(s) to come! Sign up for your amazing evening now!