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4.14.18 KC & Tim’s Wedding

On Saturday, April 14, 2018, we had the true pleasure of catering KC & Tim’s wedding at Locust Grove. The setting was so beautiful for an outdoor wedding with all the spring greenery coming into bloom. The ceremony was held onsite with cocktail hour following. We passed several appetizers while guests enjoyed drinks and wandered throughout the gardens. We served a salad first and then dinner – with the options of roasted pork, salmon in a basil cream sauce and a vegetarian chilaquile. The couple cut cake (four delicious flavors!) and then the guests danced until late in the night. KC & Tim were so relaxed and focused on sharing a wonderful night with friends and family. We truly enjoyed being a part of their celebration.

The Menu


Scallop Ceviche Shooters
Veggie Taquitos: potatoes | roasted corn | peppers | greens | feta cheese | pumpkin cream sauce
Ojaldra: puff pastry | smoked salmon | cream cheese | guava
Chicken Skewers: grilled chicken | pipían rojo (pumpkin seed mole)


Mayan Salad: greens | avocado | jicama | oranges | candied pumpkin seeds | queso fresco | grapefruit-epasote vinaigrette

Chilaquile: tortillas | potatoes | grilled peppers | eggplant | cauliflower | grilled cactus | tomato casera sauce
Slow-roasted Pork | achiote sauce | potatoes au gratin | tok-sel lima beans
Salmon: basil cream sauce | tok-sel lima beans | collard greens