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June 2018 Features

Join us this June in celebrating the beginning of summer! Both this salad and fish entrée feature the freshest produce of the season. Kale, radishes, cucumbers – we are FINALY getting some fun veggies to incorporate into our dishes. This old vine sauvignon gris is made from grapes transplanted from France to Chile in 1912 and is the perfect pair for both the salad and fish. Drink up to warm weather and sunny days!

Casa Silva Old Vine Sauvignon Gris   $12 | 40
Valle de Colchagua, Chile
Tasting Notes: medium-bodied with good aromatics and minerality. Notes of peach, mango & orange

Salad   $8
kale | red quinoa | cucumbers | radish | goat cheese | pepitas | olive oil & lime

Fish   $24
wild-caught KY silver carp | pineapple-mint-lime sauce | sautéed kale & quinoa | jicama-radish-cilantro salpicon