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Marty Rosen Turns up the Heat | Velocity

MARTY ROSEN | SPECIAL FOR THE VELOCITY | JULY, 2009  Why Louisville “is a good restaurant town”, and “what it needs to do to become a truly great one.”

For the 2009 Velocity Dining Guide, we take stock of the things that make Louisville’s dining scene good — and what it needs to do to become great.”

“…Major league sports may contribute to overall quality of life in a city, but not without trade-offs. Most economic studies indicate that most major league franchises don’t generate enough revenue even to offset the taxpayer funds used to subsidize them, let alone spin off enough dollars to bolster the local economy. The next time you face the dilemma of whether to eat at, say, the Mayan Café or Equus, count yourself lucky that in Louisville, the college game is king…”