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Immigrant Chef Stories

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Chef Bruce Ucan

In light of current political events, many of our local food writers have chosen to feature immigrant chefs in their stories. Their desire to support the ethnic chef community makes a bold statement of support for restaurants like ours, which is owned and run by immigrants. We are thrilled to have a voice and a […]

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LEO Weekly Review: Mayan Cafe Conquers Boundaries… | Feb 2017

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The LEO Weekly newspaper is currently on a campaign to review and feature some of the city’s many immigrant-owned businesses and they have chosen us as their first stop. We couldn’t more thrilled about that! Robin Garr’s words are eloquent and generous. Please enjoy the piece here. 

The Latin Kitchen article featuring Chef Bruce

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Chef Bruce Ucan

Recently, Amanda Cargill from the Latin Kitchen, a one stop online news source for latin recipes, drinks, news & travel info, interviewed our very own Chef Bruce Ucán. They chatted about everything from mole to taco trucks to Donald Trump and lots in between. Take a moment to enjoy this great piece. Read the complete interview […]

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Family Farmed feature article | June 2016

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Cochinita Pibil

Family Farmed is a group out of Chicago dedicated to expanding the production, marketing and distribution of locally grown and responsibly produced food. They have a website called Good Food on Every Table where they feature stories of farm to table pioneers in Chicago and neighboring cities. They recently interviewed and featured our owners, Chef Bruce […]

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Louisville Distilled Article : “But is there gluten in it?”

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Lamb entree

One of Louisville’s finest food writers, Dana McMahan, has recently written a piece for Louisville Distilled, an online news source for positive happenings in Louisville, about the work we have done with our menu in regards to dietary restrictions. Our belief is that food is health and understanding how dietary restrictions affect what we do […]

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Edible Louisville Local Hero Award

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Edible Louisville's Local Hero Award Winner!

We are so honored to have been named Edible Louisville’s Local Hero for Chef/Restaurant for the 3rd time! This award means a great deal to Chef Bruce because of his personal dedication to local sourcing. You can find him most Saturday mornings at the farmer’s markets, often accompanied by his two small daughters who are assuredly eating […]

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Rabbit Story | Insider Louisville

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Rabbit pic_Insider Lou

Rabbit: Is it destined to be Louisville’s ‘new white meat’? by Kevin Gibson Insider Louisville January 20, 2015 Kevin Gibson from Insider Louisville has really done his rabbit research. Quoting sources that promise rabbit is the new white meat, he purports that things could be changing on the meat scene in Louisville. Gibson talks with […]

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Our 8th Anniversary

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Red Mayan Cafe

JANUARY 18, 2015 Today marks our 8th anniversary! We are thrilled to have called NuLu our home since January of 2007. Actually, since 1997! Chef Bruce opened his first restaurant in our current location in 1997, so he’s really seen our neighborhood grow and develop over the years. Thinking back on some of the highlights […]

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Traditional Mayan dishes, a quality source of information for real estate services, recently published a list of the 16 Best Restaurants in KY. We are proud to announce that Mayan Cafe was #4! We were joined by other great Louisville restaurants such as Taco Luchador, Jack Fry’s and Hammerheads. They mentioned our traditional Mayan salbutes (pictured here) along with […]

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Courier-Journal | Cook’s Corner featuring Chef Bruce

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Cook's Corner | Chef Bruce Ucan

Courier-Journal October 28, 2014 “Cook’s Corner” by Nancy Miller INTENSE FLAVORS The movie “Food, Inc.,” about corporate farming, had a profound influence on Bruce Ucan, chef and partner at Mayan Cafe. The movie was in stark contrast to the foods and cooking of his native Yucatan Peninsula, and particularly, how his mother cooked at home. “Everything […]

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