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6.15.18 Neely & Patrick’s Rehearsal Dinner

On Friday, June 15, 2018, we catered Neely & Patrick’s rehearsal dinner at a family friend’s cabin in Prospect, KY. This couple was so fun to work with; they were laid back and on top of their planning from day one. The dinner was held at a gorgeous restored cabin from the 1800’s in front of a lake. There was a large wrap around porch on all sides of the house, so we put the bar in a shady corner and a table of appetizers close by to start. We setup a tent just off the back deck as summers in Louisville can be steamy hot. After everyone enjoyed some snacks, wine and beer, we opened the taco bar for dinner. This group so enjoyed each other’s company, meandering around the property, enjoying the view and a lovely summer evening. We were so happy to involved and wish these two wonderful people all the best!


The Menu

Empanadas: chorizo, black beans & mozzarella, served with chunky tomato-habanero sauce
Ojaldra Puff Pastry: smoked salmon, cream cheese & guav

Mayan Salad: greens, jicama, avocado, oranges, pepitas, queso fresco, grapefruit-epasote vinaigrett

Proteins: braised beef, shredded chicken
Toppings: cabbage, tropical fruit salsa, pickled onions, queso fresco, jalapeño sauce