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April 2015 Feature Menu | Scallops

This month, we are featuring several types of scallops in our specials. These delicacies, both large and small, can be made into so many elegant dishes. This month, our farmers are bringing
in lots of greens – microgreens, collard greens, lettuces – so we are pairing these with the scallops. We hope you enjoy the freshness of the early spring!

Spiced Margarita   12
Chinaco reposado tequila | Domaine de Canton ginger | Wilkes & Wilson orgeat | lime

Ceviche   13
baja bay scallops | julienned chayote squash | basil microgreens | pomegranates | guajillo-ginger-tamarind sauce
*Check out the recipe here!

Scallops   27
grilled scallops | roasted poblano-cilantro-pineapple sauce | orzo | collard greens with bacon