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Use this helpful catering calculator to estimate the cost for your event. These are some basic menu styles, but we will customize the menu to meet your needs.

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Catered food is generally pretty unmemorable. We are in the business of changing that. Whether it’s a seasonal salad in your box lunch or braised beef in chocolate mole sauce that we are serving at your wedding, we care about the flavor and presentation of all of it. Our farm to table sourcing extends to our catering as well, so know that our greens are farm fresh and our meats are sustainably-sourced.

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Claire Bridges



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Customer Service

Planning events involves a lot of details. We know the questions to ask and the people to call. Plus, we are relaxed and generally fun to be around. We are your partner in the event planning process, so you can feel confident that we'll take care of everything with and for you.

Your care and attention made our wedding so wonderful. The food was incredible and the process was expertly handled. Thank you for all of your time and energy. You guys are the best!