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End of the World Catering!

We would love to provide a delicious spread for your end of the world-themed party this December, or even just your holiday celebration. These appetizers can either be passed or served on an appetizer station. Call General Manager, Anne Shadle, at 502.276.5813 for event planning consultation or look at our other catering menus here.


Mini pork tamales with chocolate mole sauce

Calamari ceviche with coconut-ginger sauce & pomegranate seeds
Ojaldra : puff pastry with sweet potatoes & mascarpone cheese
Lima bean hummus with habanero & goat cheese
$20 / person

*disclaimer : We are aware of the superstitions surrounding the end of the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012. The official position of the Mayans that work with us is that the world most likely will not end this December, but just in case it does, we want you to be well-fed before you go.