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End of the World special menu : December 2012

If you’ve been asking yourself that question we’ve been hearing for several years now, the answer is, “Of course we’re anticipating the end of the Mayan calendar, December 21, 2012, with breath held and excitement mounted!” Our chef, Bruce Ucán, and his brother, our chef de cuisine, Willy Ucán, sat down to discuss what dishes they would eat if it was the last meal of their lives. When pushed, “would you really eat this on your last day? would you take this into your bunker before the apocalypse ” they answered with a resounding, “yes!”  So here you have it, folks, “the last supper”.

Come in throughout the entire month of December and share in our Mayan last meal. Enjoy the dishes together as a prix-fixe menu ($48) or order them a la carte. But whatever you do, be sure not to miss them! Because if the world really does end on the 21st, we want you to be well-fed before you go out!

Barrel-aged blood orange margarita   $12

Lobster ceviche | habanero | avocado | cilantro   $10

Shredded  chicken tamale | Veracruz chocolate mole   $7

“Lomitos de Kantunil” – roasted pork | rich tomato sauce | black beans | rice | corn tortillas   $17

Flan | caramel-orange-dark rum sauce   $6