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January 2019 Specials: Lima Beans

White Bean Chile

Join us this January in celebrating lima beans! We have become very well known for our lima beans over the last 20 years and take great pride in having made them enjoyable again. Tok-sel is the name for the Mayan way of preparing the beans in the Yucatan, where our chef grew up. They are roasted in sesame oil and tossed with ground pumpkin seeds, green onions, parsley & lime. We even make them into a hummus! During this month of celebrating the new year, take time to enjoy the simplest of pleasures – lima beans. Cheers!

Smoked Earl Grey   $7
Earl Grey tea | Ron Cartavio black barrel rum | St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram liqueur | Mina Real mezcal | lemon | honey

Soup   $6
shredded chicken | great northern beans | tok-sel lima beans | green chilies | carrots | celery | sour cream | tortilla strips

Lamb   $25
braised lamb | green mole | basmati rice & tok-sel lima beans