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Marty Rosen retires from 11 year tenure as restaurant critic

At the Mayan Cafe, we have been big fans of Marty Rosen for a long time.

He has penned many beautiful paragraphs about our food, our beverages, our cheesecake!, and our general vision for dining in Louisville. He reviewed us in February of 2007, just weeks after we had opened in our current location, and has watched us grow and develop into the restaurant we are today. In August of 2009, he came back and wrote some of our favorite words anyone has ever used to describe Chef’s Bruce’s food:

“… it’s true that Ucan’s cuisine draws on his Yucatan heritage. But it’s also true that his cooking is shaped by an original, sensual imagination that transcends his geographical origins.”

January of 2011 saw Rosen’s tribute to our cheesecake, a recipe Chef Bruce got from his mother-in-law!  Just recently, he dined here in March of 2014, and published yet another fantastic piece about us.

We are sad to share the news of his retirement from the Courier-Journal. We would like to join the hundreds, probably thousands, of other restaurateurs in this city in thanking Marty for doing our food justice with your words. We wish you the very best in your next phase of life! 

Read his last article here.