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November 2018 Features: butternut squash

Join us this November in celebrating butternut squash! This root vegetables has really become the sign of fall, cooler weather & comfort food. This month, we are so excited to be the only restaurant in Louisville to offer Gravely Brewing Co bottled beer! Our food truck, Mayan Street Food, is their exclusive food partner, so our unique relationship allows us to feature their brand new, large edition, bottles. Their Mexican lager, La Bamba, is the perfect pair for so many dishes on our menu and these two specials this month are no exception. Enjoy the flavors of fall with a note of something tropical. Cheers, friends!

Gravely Brewing Co. La Bamba Mexican Lager   $12
22 oz bottle (serves two people)

Ceviche   $12
tuna | coconut sauce | pickled butternut squash | jicama | roasted corn | red onions

Chicken Tikin-xic   $22
grilled chicken thighs | achiote sauce | roasted butternut squash | lentils & greens