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November 2019 | DINNER SPECIALS
We have recently come up with a new way of making our monthly specials. In an effort to provide a creative outlet for all the wonderful folks who work with us in the kitchen, we invited them to share new menu ideas with our team so we could feature their dishes. Each week, you can try an entirely new dish, be that an entrée, appetizer, soup, salad or even dessert. Please check back each month to discover what fun new tastes we’re serving!

NOV 4-9, 2019
Salmon Ceviche   $13
Verlasso salmon | aguachile | sweet potato | canchitas | red onions | avocado | jalapeño
(created by KEVIN EMILY)

NOV 11-16, 2019
Shrimp   $23
Grilled shrimp | avocado-coconut-jalapeño purée | basmati rice | pickled butternut squash
(created by WILLY UCÁN)

NOV 18-23, 2019
Jackfruit Mole  $17
Roasted jackfruit | Veracruz chocolate mole | pim tortilla filled with beans & cheese | greens
(created by CODY BRAFFORD)

NOV 25-30, 2019
Pork Tenderloin   $23
Pork tenderloin | ancho chile-orange sauce | sautéed brussels sprouts with bacon | corn cake