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October 2019 Features: butternut squash

October 2019 | DINNER SPECIALS
This October, we are featuring butternut squash in all of our specials. This versatile vegetable can be found in our soup appetizer as well as our vegetarian entrée. We recently came across this delicious natural wine from Argentina that made our beverage directors raise their eyebrows in delight at its taste. Pair it with either the soup or this fun fall entrée, and we think your eyebrows will pop as well. Cheers, friends!

Via Revolucionaria Bonarda   $11 | 36
Mendoza, Argentina (natural, unfiltered wine)

Soup   $6
buttternut squash bisque | crawfish | jalapeño crema | pepitas

Fall Veggies Stir Fry   $18
quinoa | butternut squash | kale | golden beets | cauliflower | feta cheese | guajillo sauce