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September 2013 Feature Menu

Fresh summer farm-to-table salad

Fall Fruits & Veggies

This September we are continuing to reap the harvest of a very mild summer – tomatoes, squash, corn, beans, watermelon, peaches…the list is seemingly endless! We are so grateful for months like September when our seasonal ingredients are in abundance, especially when it gets to January, and we only have sweet potatoes! Enjoy our bold rose wine special with any of the dishes – it’s the perfect refreshing complement! Cheers! Chilled Corn Soup : September feature menu

FEATURED WINE            12 / 43
Salta, Argentina

SOUP                                                 6
chilled corn soup | roasted pepitas

SALAD                                              8    
watermelon | peaches | fresh mozzarella | microgreens | mango sorbet | honey-chile vinaigrette 

ENTREE                                           28
Beef tenderloin | chunky tomato-habanero sauce | sautéed green beans & yellow squash | spaghetti squash