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Yew Dell Garden’s Twilight in the Garden Fundraiser

On the eve of the first fall day, the summer came to a perfect crescendo with Yell Dell Botanical Gardens’ annual fundraiser gala, Twilight in the Gardens. The Rounsavall pavilion teemed with silent auction activities and friendly chatter as guests enjoyed smoked salmon ojadras during cocktail hour. As the sun began to set over the beautiful gardens, dinner service commenced as attendees took their seats for the live auction portion of the night. They were greeted with a hearty pre-set kale-quinoa salad topped with French feta and a sublime Dijon vinaigrette. For dinner, most guests selected the tender braised beef in achiote sauce, roasted sweet potatoes, and Mexican rice. The vegetarian/vegan option was chilaquiles, a celebrated dish of fresh vegetables tossed with crispy tortilla chips and a flavorful tomato casera sauce. The evening was topped off with our buttery shortbread bars and coffee, an excellent end to the night. This was the second year we’ve had the honor of providing food for the Twilight in the Gardens, and we always love the mission, the scenery, and the sense of community this beautiful habitat enjoys in Louisville.


  • Mexican Pickled Vegetable Skewers
  • Pimento Cheese Sandwich Bites
  • Smoked Salmon Ojaldras
  • Kale-Quinoa Salad: kale | quinoa | jicama | pepitas | French feta | Dijon vinaigrette
  • Braised Beef in Achiote Sauce | Roasted Sweet Potatoes | Mexican Rice
  • Chilaquile: tortillas | potatoes | cactus | grilled poblanos | eggplant | cauliflower | queso fresco | tomato casera sauce | sour cream
  • Buttery Shortbread Bars: dried fruit | chocolate drizzle