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April 2016 Feature Menu: Kale

This month, we are featuring kale in all of our special dishes. We are just at that point in the year when signs of life are beginning to emerge from the soil. Sharp green shoots are popping up everywhere. Kale is a hearty green that can stand up to the cold nights of April as well as the sunny (or rainy!) days. Enjoy it cold in the salad or hot in our soup and entree. The Cucao PX white wine is a light crisp alternative to Pinot Grigio and pairs delightfully with these dishes. Cheers to spring!

Cucao Pedro Ximenez (PX)  $7 | 22
Elqui Valley, Chile
Tasting Notes: a dry white wine with good acidity, a juicy character & aromas reminiscent of springtime

Salad  $8
quinoa | kale | roasted corn | beets | jalapeños | pepitas | goat cheese | mustard-orange vinaigrette

Soup  $6
kale | potatoes | roasted poblanos | smoked chicken

Chicken  $22
roasted half chicken | relleno negro (charred chile sauce) | sautéed kale | roasted potatoes