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August 2013 Feature Menu : summer veggies

This month, we couldn’t limit ourselves to just one vegetable to feature on our special menu. The abundance of fresh veggies at the market is overwhelming to Chef Bruce! As we discuss what to put on the menu, he kept commenting, ” but what about green beans? and what about cucumbers?!” We didn’t want to leave anyone out, so here’s what we have to offer.

360 vodka | heirloom tomatoes | jalapeños | roasted peppers | Worcestershire sauce | fresh lime

Heirloom Bloody Mary - August feature menu

SOUP      6
Chilled corn soup | roasted pepitas

 SALAD      8    
Mixed greens | heirloom tomatoes | cucumbers | queso fresco | balsamic vinaigrette

ENTREE      28
Beef tenderloin | pipian rojo (pumpkin seed mole) | sautéed green beans | squash cake