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Ode to the jalapeño sauce…

Maybe you first had it with the salbutes – those puffy little corn tortillas topped with roasted meats, fresh veggies and local cheeses that are so satisfying for lunch. Or maybe you first had it drizzled over the chilaquile – a veritable leaning tower of Pisa of seasonal vegetables, handmade tortillas and tomato-y goodness. Or better yet, perhaps it was poured on your huevos motuleños – fried eggs layered with creamy black beans, spicy chorizo, gooey cheese, fried plantains & a rich chile-tomato sauce.

However it was that you were first introduced to our jalapeño sauce, it was probably memorable.  The one recipe we just do not give out, it keeps you coming back for more. Sometimes spicier (those summer jalapeños are killer!) or sometimes creamier, it always makes the dish you pour it on just THAT much more flavorful. We have sold containers of it as Christmas gifts; we’ve seen people take it all back like a shot of tequila, and everyday, we see our servers going back and forth into the kitchen, asking for more of that famous jalapeño sauce. Hey, we gotta give our customers what they want!!

Salbutes with jalapeno sauce