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Chef Bruce’s special dishes

Chef Bruce’s special dishes at Mayan Cafe come from some of his favorite  inspirational resources. His muses are often the produce we get from farmers, farmers markets, and especially when he gets to travel back home to visit family and friends.Walking through the streets in his hometown in the Yucatán peninsula, Bruce stops to taste all the fresh ground spices, just-off-the-fire slow roasted meats, tamales and more. As a result, all of those tasty details definitely get his creative juices flowing.

3D Farms Flat Iron Steak

That’s when we sit down as a team and talk through how to bring those flavors and amazing dishes to Louisville, while we incorporate what local veggies and meats are available to us and in season. These are the most amazing brainstorming sessions, because they quickly lead to a tasting! And there are no complaints there.


This winter season, we decided to do a dish and beverage pairing for the months of November through February. Each month, Bruce and team carefully picked the pairings based on guest favorites, what is in season, and what’s happening around that time while considering if people are eating lighter, celebrating, not consuming alcohol, etc.

Spaghetti Squash Toss

This January of 2023 we are celebrating our 16 year anniversary at Mayan Cafe. So many accomplishments, lessons learned and new adventures have happened over the course of those 16 years. And it’s still going. We could not be more excited to continue engaging with our guests, farmers, and collaborative vendors. You can check them out, here.

Chef Bruce’s special dishes are a large part of what brings the community through our doors because time and time again, our repeat and even new guests enjoy experiencing something new with us! We are truly grateful for the connections we have made with so many of our Louisville friends and out of town guests through food. 

Winter Specials Menu:


Cocktail: Harvest Cider- Bereziartua Sidre | La Fuerza rose sweet vermouth | Ancho Reyes Chile liqueur | blackberry | apple

Entrée: Pollo Pibil- Groce Family Farm chicken thighs | achiote sauce | pickled onions | fried plantains with epazote rice


Wine: Finca Decero Cabernet Sauvignon     Mendoza, Argentina

Entrée: 3D Valley Farm Flat Iron steak | Mayan black mole | jalapeño mashed potatoes 


Moctail: Vanilla Mule- vanilla | ginger beer | lime | agave 

*spike w/ Grander 9yr dark rum +$

Entrée: Spaghetti Squash Toss- green mole | kale | carrots | poblanos | pepitas | French feta


Cocktail: Sis Got Toddy- Sis Got Tea lemonhead tea | Brough Brothers bourbon | agave

Entrée: Braised Lamb- Freedom Run Farm lamb |champagne-tamrind cream sauce | herb grilled beets