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ESPN’s 3 Day Weekend at Mayan Cafe

Chef Bruce ESPN shoot

Talking through making our famous lima beans

ESPN’s 3 Day Weekend at Mayan Cafe turned out to be an incredibly fun day. When ESPN reached out to us as a recommended restaurant for their television show, 3 Day Weekend we were beyond thrilled!
The fact that our community sees us as not just an upscale-casual, farm to table restaurant, but also a place to begin their game time camaraderie is so exciting. For us, it’s all about giving people a place to gather, eat great food and leave wanting to come back.


Professor Christopher Fulton of UofL


The whole process was fun from start to finish. They interviewed us about our most popular dishes, our guests and what a UofL game day is like here in Louisville.

Guests were served Cochinita Pibil and
Tok-sel lima beans

We have a large base of UofL students [some of whom work for us] professors, staff, fans and more. We are proud to be one of their “chosen” restaurants!

The day of filming was a blast. Chef Jess Roy worked alongside our chef Bruce to make lima beans and talk about his hometown and Mayan food as well. Their whole team was kind and made the experience easy going. We would like to thank all of our amazing guests that came out on a Sunday to make the show possible. And thank you ESPN’s 3 Day Weekend for this wonderful opportunity and collaboration.