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Foxhollow Farm’s February Newsletter

Hey everyone – our good friends at Foxhollow Farm, a local biodynamic farm, have just sent out their February newsletter. And guess what it’s all about … love!  Their love of “local farmers & local restaurants that cook the local food that the local farmers provide” … which is us!! They have let their fans know about the dishes at the Mayan Cafe this month that will include Foxhollow’s grass-fed beef.

First, there is the Mayan Burger – that scrumptious dish that competes for “best burger in town” – all grass-fed beef, seasonal lettuce, tomatoes, pickled onions, Kenny’s havarti cheese & a cilantro-caper aioli, served on Mexican bolillo bread. This one is not to be missed!

Second, there is our special Anniversary Dish – in honor of both our 4 year anniversary as well as the remodeling of the dining room. This dish features Foxhollow Farm’s ribeye steak in a mulato chile sauce (the color of our new walls!) with mashed sweet potatoes & tok-sel lima beans. This entree is only available for the month of February, so you better enjoy it while it lasts!

Foxhollow Farm, located in Crestwood, is a biodynamic farm, but what does that mean? Biodynamic farming is similar to organic farming in the sense that it  is entirely chemical free: no chemical fertilizers or pesticides on the plants, no antibiotics or growth hormones are used in the animals.

These biodynamic techniques go a step further than the USDA labled “organic” methods by using specially prepared sprays made from plant and mineral matter such as herbs, quartz crystal, and compost. These sprays which are known as “biodynamic preparations”, bring nutrients to the soil and increase the vitality and sustainability of the plant and animal life on the farm.

Foxhollow Farm has some super cool things going on. They have a farm store that offers all of the meat & produce grown and produced on their farm as well as other local products (cheese, grits, honey, and so much more!) For the winter, they’re open Saturdays from 10-5pm.

If you’re interested to learn more about Foxhollow’s events, visit their website or email to join their mailing list!