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Idea Festival Lights Out Dinner re-cap

Well, what an incredible evening we had here last night! This was the 2nd Lights Out Dinner we have hosted in conjunction with IdeaFestival. (The first one took place in 2008 as one of a series of 3 Dining in the Dark dinners). We prepared an incredible menu – and told no one about it! After each course, we asked the guests what they thought they had just eaten and then let them know if they had identified the dishes correctly. Most got them all wrong! But they sure had fun in the process! As the blind folds went on, the sound got louder as folks couldn’t rely on their lip-reading to understand their neighbors. The highlight of the evening was the successful toast one table managed to pull off, without spilling a drop! (see picture below) We were so honored to be able to participate in such a fun night and support the IdeaFestival and IF University as well. We can’t wait for the festival in September!

THE MENU :                        

Pork belly | spiced blueberry cake
Orange old-fashioned

Skate picada | capers | lime | grits
Carrot-infused gin | poblano juice | lime

Bison tongue gordita
| Kenny’s jalapeño jack cheese | roasted poblano sauce
Michelada Cubano : Negra Modelo | Valentina salsa | Worcestershire sauce | lime

Pan dulce de elote | mango puree | chocolate mole ice cream
Ca’rossa Birbet sparkling red