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January 2015 Feature Menu

This month, we are featuring what we have fondly termed “New Year’s Resolution Specials”. One of our goals for 2015 is to show our customers that our food can be both tasty and healthy. It’s a direct extension of our commitment to farm-to-table sourcing. The dishes on this month’s menu are just a handful of gluten-free, dairy-free dishes we are incorporating into our menu. We hope you enjoy them, and they, in turn, energize you to start off your year right!

House-made Juice   $5
kale | beet | orange | ginger

The Juice King   $10
all of the above veggies + Copper & Kingers Immature Brandy

Chicken Tortilla Soup   $10
shredded chicken | carrots | celery | potatoes | turnips | tortilla strips

Anne’s Lunch (but you can eat it for dinner)   $16
pan-seared salmon ! let | fresh greens | radishes | avocado | olive oil-lime vinaigrette | jalapeño sauce