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June 2016 Feature: Berries


This month, we are featuring berries in all of our special dishes. The first strawberries of the year are the truest indicator that the warm weather is here to stay. The difference between a local stawberry and a Kroger strawberry is probably as dramatic as the difference between good, strong Kentucky bourbon and some watered down whiskey from the bottom shelf. Basically it’s a game changer. Since the berry season is so short, we only find it fitting that we celebrate them with as much pomp & circumstancec as possible. Enjoy berries in their purest, sweetest sense or mix them with spice and creamy grits paired with steak. Anyway you do it, local berries rock.

Domaine Gueguen Rose of Pinot Noir   $9 | 30
Burgundy, France
Tasting Notes: a bright, dry rose with peach & apricot on the nose and strawberry & cranberry on the palate

Salad   $9berry shortcake
greens | strawberries | grapefruit | French feta | pepita brittle | jalapeño-blueberry vinaigrette

Steak   $25
3D Farm Flat iron steak | spicy berry chutney | grits | bok choy

Berry Shortcake   $8
strawberries | blueberry purée | chile whipped cream