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May 2016 Feature Menu: Chicken

White Bean Chile

This month, we are featuring chicken in all of our special dishes. Chicken is one of the most common meats eaten in the Yucatan, so it felt right to celebrate it this spring. We have had many chicken dishes over the years on our menu and this entree is the most traditional Yucatec preparation of it. You might see it served as a salbute topping as well. This earthy pinot noir is a great complement to both the soup and the entrée, so grab a bottle and cheers to Derby!

Zorzal Pinot Noir   $10 | 33
Tupungato Valley, Argentina
Tasting Notes: a soft and supple red wine with flavors of red raspberry, dried leaves & blood orange

Soup   $6
White Bean Chicken Chile: green chilies | carrots | celery | tortilla strips | sour cream

Chicken  $ 23
Pollo Pibil: oven-roasted half chicken | achiote sauce | roasted potatoes | grilled asparagus