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9.14.13 | Katie & Jeremy’s wedding

In September of 2013, we had the honor of catering Katie & Jeremy’s wedding at The Pointe in Butchertown. This building is just an incredible space – open, great windows, beautiful wooden floors. It sets the tone for some really awesome pictures. Katie & Jeremy had this amazing combination of traits – organized and detail-oriented while still being laid back and having the right perspective on what was important for their wedding. They were a joy to work with.

Katie & Jeremy's wedding

We started out the evening some appetizers – our puff pastries filled with smoked salmon, cream cheese & guava. They’re a great sweet and savory bite. The buffet had a salad with all sorts of seasonal goodies, which was followed by our savory slow-roasted pork and (maybe my favorite!) our salmon filet in a tequila-lime achiote sauce. And of course, we had our signature lima beans. While the food was really delicious, the best part of the evening was probably when Jeremy sang a song for Katie and played the guitar. It was a memorable evening, to say the least.


APPETIZERKatie & Jeremy's wedding catering
Ojaldra : puff pastry filled with smoked salmon, cream cheese & guava

Autumn Salad: greens figs, beets, butternut squash, goat cheese, & red wine-orange vinaigrette
Slow-roasted pork with green mole sauce
Salmon filet in tequila-lime achiote sauce
Tok-sel lima beans