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Latin-infused Cocktails

One of the most fun things about dining with us at the Mayan Cafe is our latin-infused cocktails.   We use all boutique, small-production spirits, which is the same focus that our food menu has. Our Mayan roots are strong, and we are very motivated to share the unique nature of our cuisine with our guests.

The process of coming up with these creative drinks is one that our whole staff engages in with energy and enthusiasm! One of our servers in particular, Emily, is a constant source of fantastic ideas. Whether is juicing cucumbers to mix with artisanal gin for a special blind-folded dinner or working on an heirloom tomato bloody mary for a summer special menu, she brings one win after another. Some customer favorites are our blood orange margarita (shown here) and our “Don’t Worry About It” (whose description simply says “no seriously, don’t worry about it. It’s got Woodford”) Bourbon reigns kings in our home of Louisville, KY, so it’s a fun challenge to fuse Latin flavors into the local traditions of the area. Blood Orange Margarita

Stop by and enjoy our creative libations! Salud!