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Lights Out Dinner : June 21

The concept of dining in the dark made its debut in Louisville in 2008 with the first Lights Out Dinner at the Mayan Café, showcasing the culinary talent of four-star chef, Bruce Ucán. The event was so popular and engaging, the Ideafestival and IF University are bringing this four-course meal experience back to Louisville and the Mayan Cafe once again on Thursday, June 21st at 6:30 pm.

Diners will be blindfolded and will experience this creatively prepared meal using their remaining four senses. Imagine how heightened your sense of smell and taste will become as you eagerly anticipate each delicious course, prepared with local and sustainable ingredients!

This is an exclusive event, hosted by IdeaFestival, IF University and Mayan Cafe, with limited seating so please make plans to join us. Cost of the dinner is $80 per person (inclusive of all food, drink, tax and gratuity). Space is limited to 40 guests. Vegetarians and vegans – please note meat will be served as a part of this fixed menu.

To order your tickets, please visit