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Edible Louisville Local Hero Award Voting

It’s that time of year again! Edible Louisville magazine is hosting their annual Local Chef awards. We would love if you’d vote for Chef Bruce as the Local Hero chef. Bruce is both personally and professionally committed to local sourcing and the concept of sustainability. His two daughters have never had baby food – just local vegetables puréed at home. Since December of 2008, every piece of meat we have served at the restaurant has come from a local, sustainable farm, and the majority of the produce and cheese does as well. We began recycling and composting soon after that. Then, we found a fantastic sustainable seafood supplier with Kelly n Kris Seafood, and transitioned our beverage program to feature artisanal spirits, local beers and sustainable wines. Bruce’s vision for the sustainability of our restaurant has evolved and grown substantially over the last 6 years.

We’d love your vote as the Local Hero Chef! Thanks so much for your support our business and our commitment to the local economy.