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November 2014 Feature Menu

Chef Bruce personally enjoys surprising his guests. Whether its beet-flavored ice cream or his tok-sel lima beans that catch you off guard, Bruce wants you to try (and like!) the unexpected. This month’s featured vegetable is the Brussels sprout, another veggie that will shock you with its flavor and versatility. This is really what seasonal cooking is all about – constantly creating new inventive dishes with whatever Mother Nature gives you at the moment. 



Saint Lauren Chinon Cabernet Franc 11 | 36
Loire Valley, France
Tasting Notes: hints of green pepper, truffle, violet & blueberry 

Roasted Brussels Sprouts   $6
bacon | butternut squash | sorghum vinaigrette
Salad   $8
fall greens | brussels sprouts | roasted almonds | pomegranates | mustard vinaigrette |

Spaghetti Squash Toss   $18
spaghetti squash | roasted brussels sprouts | pepitas | carrots | grilled cactus | queso fresco | basil cream sauce