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September 2019 Features: tomato

September 2019 | DINNER SPECIALS
The bustling swing from summer to autumn makes one yearn for slower evenings spent with fresh harvest and close company; we’d like to set the stage for both. Our featured farm-fresh flora for September is the tomato- which take on a divine disposition when in season, and the ones from Field Day Family Farm are no exception. Find them working their magic in our heirloom tomato gazpacho, which nicely introduces our main course – a 3D farms flank steak dressed in a bright and tangy tomato casera sauce. Pair these with Currant ImaGINation – a brilliant red cocktail that perfectly captures the ephemeral descent into fall, containing a delightful basil reduction, our signature hibiscus tea & currants. Cheers, friends!

Currant ImaGINation   $10
Farmer’s Gin | black currant | basil syrup | lime | hibiscus tea

Soup   $7
heirloom tomato gazpacho | jalapeño crema | roasted corn | pepitas

Flank Steak   $25
3D Farm flank steak | tomato casera sauce | chile relleno filled with potatoes, squash & chihuahua cheese