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September Feature Menu: Corn

This month, we are featuring corn in our specials. This vegetable is at the very foundation of Mayan cooking and culture. Ancient Mayan myths depict humans being born from the corn
plant. It can be cooked so many ways – dried, ground and made in tortillas, roasted, boiled, you name it! It’s only fitting that we dedicate an entire month to this wonderful vegetable. We invite
you to enjoy these two early fall dishes paired with this fun Spanish red!

Viña las Valles Tempranillo   $8 | $27
Rioja, Spain
Tasting notes: silky red wine with flavors of sweet raspberrry, cherry, pepper & anise

Corn Soup   $6
roasted corn | poblano peppers | cilantro | queso cotija

Lamb Burger   $15
Mexican bolillo bread | roasted corn salsa | watermelon & basil salad