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October 2015 Feature Menu: Spaghetti Squash

This month, we are featuring spaghetti squash in our specials. This is one of our favorite types of squash because of its versatility and length of growing season. You can use it as a pasta substitute and make an amazing gluten-free dish, sauté it like we are here as a side dish, or chill it and serve it as a salad, like we are here as well! That’s the name of the game with ethnic cooking – use every ingredient as many ways as possible. This yummy Portuguese red is a really fun pair with both dishes, so order a bottle and enjoy it with your whole meal!

Barão de Figueira Reserva Red Blend   $8 | 27
Bieras, Portugal
Tasting notes: flavors of black cherry, cassis with a note of balsamic and just a touch of mocha

Salad   $8
arugula | spaghetti squash | apples | almonds | blue cheese dressing

Beef Mole   $22
roasted beef | Veracruz chocolate mole sauce | blue cheese grits | sautéed spaghetti squash