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September 2014 Features: Corn

Our specials this month all incorporate corn. This vegetable is at the very foundation of Mayan cooking and culture. Ancient Mayan myths depict humans being born from the corn plant. It can be cooked so many ways – dried, ground and made in tortillas, roasted, boiled, you name it! It’s only fitting that we dedicate an entire month to this wonderful vegetable.

We are also featuring a fun cocktail that we’re calling the NuLu Peach in honor of NuLu Fest on Saturday, September 27. It’s made with Jim Beam bourbon, who is one of the title sponsors of the festival. Plus, we all know bourbon is made with corn (71% in Jim Beam’s case!) so it’s an obvious complement to our corn-focused menu this month.

The NuLu Peach  8
Jim Beam single barrel bourbon | Carpano Antico sweet vermouth | spiced peach syrup | fresh lime | peach bitters

Corn Soup   6
corn | cherry tomatoes | cinnamon | cloves

“Mexican Style” Corn on the Cob   5
chili powder | sour cream | cilantro | queso cotijo | lime

Summer Chilaquile   20
blue corn tortillas | roasted rabbit | tomatoes | purple cabbage | okra | roasted corn | queso cotijo | tomatillo sauce