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Burrito & Margarita Mondays | November 2013

Every Monday evening in November, we’ll be offering “Burrito & Margarita Night”. Each week, we’ll offer two new burritos (one vegetarian option) paired with a special margarita. How do blueberry-basil or strawberry-mango sound?! We’re celebrating the fall harvest in Mayan style by featuring fresh vegetables, local meats & sustainable seafood all rolled up into these killer burritos. Order both a margarita and a burrito, and it’s just $15!

Oh, and we’re offering an “industry discount” of 20% to our fellow restaurant employees. Just let us know your restaurant when you come in, and we’ll take care of you!

– Tamarind Margarita
– Brisket, poached pears & figs burrito with a white espresso mole
– Avocado, plantains & rice burrito with a cilantro-parsley sauce, topped with a fried egg

– Orange-cinnamon Margarita
– Shrimp Picadillo Burrito : potatoes, chayote squash, raisins & apples with a tequila-lime-achiote sauce
– Succotash Burrito : sweet potatoes, corn, lima beans & jalapeño jack cheese with a sorghum-mustard sauce

MONDAY NOVEMBER 18 :Avocado, plantains & rice burrito in cilantro-parsley sauce, topped with fried eggs, served with a Tamarind Margarita
– Strawberry-mango Margarita
– Chorizo, hard-boiled eggs, cactus & mozzarella burrito with a poblano sauce
– Lima bean hummus, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted poblano peppers & queso fresco burrito with a creamy bell pepper sauce

– Sage-cilantro Margarita
– “Fish & Chips Burrito” : fried fish & french fries inside the burrito, deep fried, topped with cole slaw and served with a tomatillo sauce
– Collard greens, spaghetti squash & mozzarella burrito with an epasote cream sauce