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Burrito + Sangria Mondays | February 2014

Because we know you need something to look forward to in these cold winter months!

Based on the overwhelming success of our special burrito nights just a few months ago, we’ll be offering Burrito + Sangria Mondays this February. Each Monday night, we’ll make a new, almost dangerously delicious, burrito, paired with a special sangria. Though we may not have empirical evidence to prove it, we feel confident in asserting that our customers are happier, more relaxed, and more productive throughout the week after they have kicked it off with a giant burrito. Maybe it’s that little bit of Mayan magic that Chef Bruce tosses in each burrito before he rolls it up? You should probably come in on Mondays and find out for yourself.

The menu will be as follows :

◦ Ginger-Blackberry-Basil Sangria
◦ Ahi Tuna Burrito : sustainably-sourced rare ahi tuna | rice | greens | mozzarella | ginger-tomato-habanero sauce | sesame seeds

◦ Blueberry-Cranberry Sangria
◦ Smoked Chicken Burrito : smoked chicken | roasted peppers | mozzarella | rice | currants | porter-colby cheese sauce

◦ Cucumber-Melon Sangria
◦ Stewed Octopus Burrito : octopus | chorizo | tomatoes | potatoes | mozzarella | olive oil-jalapeño sauce | fresh greens

◦ Winter Fruit Sangria
◦ Steak & Eggs Burrito : flat iron steak | butternut squash | black beans | queso fresco | mulato chile sauce | fried egg