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Cooking Class by Chef Bruce

On Thursday, November 7, Chef Bruce will be giving a cooking class at Cooking at the Cottage on Lexington Rd.  The theme is Mayan Cafe Favorites. Over the 16 years Chef Bruce has had his restaurants, there have been a few dishes in particular that our customers really seem to love.  These are the recipes that he’ll be demonstrating at this class – the salbutes, cochinita pibil, tok-sel lima beans and banana churros. Cooking at the Cottage has an incredible setup for these lessons, and they also have a great selection of cooking utensils and equipment available for purchase. Seating to the class is limited and it’s over halfway full now, so call today to save your seat! Oh, and we’ll be sending you home with full bellies from trying all these dishes plus the recipes to make them yourselves!

Call 502.893.6700 to make a reservation.Salbutes